COVID-19 Policy

For the On-Premises event of 1d4Con 2022, there will not be any vaccine requirement or mandatory mask mandate for COVID-19.

Masks Are Highly Recommended and Encouraged for Everyone Regardless of Vaccination Status​

The Holiday Inn of Martinsburg does not have any specific requirements about masks or proving vaccination status.

Asking for proof of Vaccination (aka Vaccine Passport) may violate West Virginia constitutional laws regarding Medical Privacy and Anti-Discrimination as we are considered a public Special Interests Group and not a private Business within West Virginia.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, masks are HIGHLY recommended for everyone regardless of vaccination status. Guests not yet fully vaccinated are asked to wear a mask throughout the convention space. Masks may be removed while actively enjoying food and drinks.

Click here for specific information on CDC recommendations.

Click here to learn about transmission rates by county. (Choose West Virginia and Berkeley County)

It is always a risk to attend public events, especially indoor events.

If by February 11th, the number of COVID-19 cases in Berkeley County, WV isn’t at or below 1500 or showing significant strides toward decline into March, we may cancel the in-person event for the convention.

For those who wish attend, but do not want to be physically at the venue, we will be offering online games through our Official 1d4Con Discord server. You will still need to purchase a badge and tickets through our Tabletop.Events page.