COVID-19 Policy for 2023

After engaging in discussions with the Clarion Inn Harpers Ferry-Charles Town staff, we have come to the conclusion that:
  • We will not check individual vaccination status.

  • We will not enforce the use of masks.

The 1d4Con Staff highly recommends that attendees use a mask while participating in events at the convention.

Actions We Can Take:

Further Table Distancing

We will space the gaming tables out a little more than the normal 6ft range. This means that some rooms will have less tables in them than they can physically handle. This also means that we will be hosting fewer games in each slot.

Providing Hand Sanitizer:

We will provide hand sanitizer in each room for the duration of the convention for those who want to use it.

    Providing Sanitation Wipes:

    We will provide (Lysol/Clorox) sanitation wipes in each room for the duration of the convention to allow the wiping down of tables and chairs as needed for attendees.

      In accordance with CDC guidelines, masks are HIGHLY recommended for everyone regardless of vaccination status. All guests will have the option to wear a mask throughout the convention space if they so desire.

      Click here for specific information on CDC recommendations.

      Click here to learn about transmission rates by county. (Choose West Virginia and Jefferson County)

      Please Note: It is always a risk to attend public events, especially indoor events.

      All attendees will be required to sign a waiver expressing their understanding of the aforementioned policy.