Games of Charity

Participating GMs can collect Boons for special in-game benefits, usually as positive modifier to a roll (+1, +2, …, +5), a re-roll, a bonus die (+1d6), or even to regain health or something that is not tied to a roll.

Participating Events in 2023:

Participating Games and Associated Boons:

    • Chris Perrin’s MECHA RPG: Mercenaries (1 Event)
      • Players can spend as many Charity Boons as they wish for these benefits:
        • Re-roll a failed dice pool roll. (costs 1 Boon)
        • Spend like an Overdrive. (costs 1 Boon)
        • Gain the minimum successes to have a Cut Scene (costs 3 Boons)
    • Dungeon Crawl Classics (4 Events)
      • To Be Determined by the GM at the table.
    • D&D Adventurers League
    • Pathfinder Society