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[Countdown to 1d4Con 2020: 3rd Time’s a Charm!!! Virtual Event]

[1d4Con 2021 has been cancelled. 2022 dates TBA]

1d4Con 2020: 3rd Times A Charm!!! Information

[Preregister to Attend and Sign up for Games]

Preregistration opens in April for the Virtual Event!

Buy your badges here: Tabletop.Events Page

Buy your merch/shirts here: TeePublic Store Front

[Time And Date]

1d4Con 2020: Virtual Con will be held on May 15th.

Saturday, May 15th:
Convention staff available at 8AM

Convention runs until Midnight

[Hotel/Venue Info]

We are staying with the Clarion Inn & Conference Center of Shepherdstown, West Virginia for 2021 on Halloween Weekend.

[Gaming Options]

Game Submissions open on Sunday, February 28th, 2021!

We typically look for games of all types: Board games, Card games, LARPs, Miniatures games, and Tabletop RPGs. As this is a virtual con, we are also taking Actual Plays, Panels, and Workshops!

To submit your games, use this link:


To follow a daily updated spreadsheet of events for the Virtual Con, use this link:


[Become A Vendor]

Vendor Registration is not open yet. Vendor options will come back when we can have in-person conventions again.

Watch our Vendor Information Page for more details.

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