Game submissions are now open for 1d4Con 2017.

Use the form below to submit your game.


  • If you wish to have your game occur more than once during the convention, we can accommodate you at the end of the form.
  • If you have several games that you wish to submit, you will have to reuse the form below for each game separately.

Click here to see what has been submitted so far.

***Note*** – The submission deadline is March 15th or until all tables are filled

Personal & Scenario Information

Personal Information
Please tell us your first and last name.
Scenario Information
Examples: "GURPS 4th Edition by Steve Jackson Games", "Traveler by Mongoose", "Legend by Rule of Cool Studios", or even "My Own Homebrew System"
(Check all that apply)
Tell your potential players what they can expect from your scenario without giving the entire plot away.
What is the absolute maximum number of players that you or your scenario can handle. Typically 4 to 8 players.
If your game has the potential to contain sex, drug use or the use of foul language, select "Adults" from the list.
Give us some details about character creation in your scenario.

Games of Charity

Games of Charity
Find out more about our Games of Charity.
How many tickets are required to access each boon? How often can the boons be used? Example: 1 ticket - +1 to a die roll {can be used once per turn}; 2 tickets - re-roll an attack roll {can be used once in the game}

Scheduling Information

Scheduling Information
2 hours = Game starts at the first hour (i.e. In a 2pm to 6pm slot, it would start at 2pm and end around 4 pm) 4 hours = Game takes entire 4 hour block, but may run over up to 30 minutes 8 hours = Game will take up two (2) consecutive 4 hour slots allowing for a break in between

Your scenario may occur up to three times in total. This is a completely optional feature.

If you want it to occur more, use the contact page.

First Occurrence
In the case that we can\'t fit you into your Primary choice. Must be different than your Primary choice.
In the case that we can't fit you into your primary or secondary slot choices. Must be different than your Primary and Secondary choices.
Second Occurrence
Skip this section if not reoccurring.
Third Occurrence
Skip this section if not reoccurring.