Game signups are coming!

First, the staff of 1d4Con, would like to thank all those who have pre-registered, submitted games, given advice, spread the word, are donating to our raffle, and are helping to support our startup convention in any way!

So without further ado, Game signups will open the morning of April 6th.

Only those in our preregistration database (i.e. you have filled out our Pre-reg form and purchased a 3-day pass: will be approved to take a seat for any game. Seats will be approved on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

We are not using Warhorn. We are going to try Event Management software and run it directly from the site. You will not need an account to use this, just your name and the email you used for preregistration.

We still need updated schedules for Living Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk Reborn, Pathfinder Society, and a few in-house GMs. Incomplete games may not be available immediately, but will show up when the information has been given.